First post on Youtube

Well at long last I have got a post on Youtube. Nothing serious but its a step in the right direction. Just a post about Python and a little improvement on the ‘Hello World’ program. It is coded in Python 3.4.3.

I know the sound is a little quiet but that will addressed in the next post. If you want to have a look check it out below

The code in the video is below:

name = input(“Enter name : “)
print (“Welcome “, name)

A simple program to provide output and get input and print a welcome message. Enjoy and stay tuned for more 🙂

The Raspberry Pi

These little credit card sized computers have been out a while now and are growing more popular by the day. If you don’t have one yet but are worried about taking that step, well, don’t be. They are quite simple to use and are lots of fun. You can do numerous things with them from your own web server to building your own robot (not that difficult.. No really)

Now how much do they cost is the first question usually asked, they are in the £25 – 30 range. Not a lot for the Pi but remember that you will need a memory card, keyboard, mouse, power supply and monitor cable. You can usually get kits to start you off, they are around the £60-70 mark. Yes that is a jump from £30 but you get everything you need in one stop, not waiting for several parcels to arrive.

Any way, after your Pi arrives, you will have a computer to do as you please. This is a nice feeling that you can do what you want with it and your main computer remains untouched while you experiment with the Pi.

If you are not quite sure if you should take that step, there are Raspberry Pi Jams all over the UK. Just have a look on the main Raspberry Pi website and you can find the once closest to you. Go on, try a slice of Pi.

*Image is the Model B 2.Pi

Welcome back to Bytemoose

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You can Pi to your hearts content or just chill with some flash games. Your choice, more to follow. 🙂