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Another Youtube post from 2015

I know this was done over 2 years ago now but may still be handy. Well Happy 2018 and I hope to post more soon, with any luck…. fingers crossed… Ya I know.

First post on Youtube

Well at long last I have got a post on Youtube. Nothing serious but its a step in the right direction. Just a post about Python and a little improvement on the ‘Hello World’ program. It is coded in Python 3.4.3. I know the sound is a little quiet but that will addressed in the […]

The Raspberry Pi

These little credit card sized computers have been out a while now and are growing more popular by the day. If you don’t have one yet but are worried about taking that step, well, don’t be. They are quite simple to use and are lots of fun. You can do numerous things with them from […]

Welcome back to Bytemoose

Check out the links in the top menu, all good stuff going on. You can Pi to your hearts content or just chill with some flash games. Your choice, more to follow. 🙂